Microsoft software available for monthly rental.
Reap the benefits of advanced email and internet while someone else deals with setup and technical support. Even better, you pay by the month and only for what you use.
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Dedicated Sever Hosting

Motive Hosting's Internet business expertise enables us to meet a varied and intricate set of hosting requirements. We provide dedicated server options for our clients who require a high level of independence for their hosting provision.

These servers can be configured to run any Internet services required by our customers and can be partly or fully managed by the customer and/or the Motive Hosting support team.

The use of dedicated servers ensures that resources such as processing power, memory usage, network bandwidth, etc. are not shared with other customers.

Our Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions Include:

  • 24 hour support
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Web server
  • DNS server
  • Email server
  • Webmail
  • Anti-virus & spam
  • Comprehensive SLA
  • Server warranty and replacement
  • High-speed connection with no single point failure

Motive Hosting only uses Compaq and Sun servers offering the optimum in reliability and redundancy from the worlds major server manufacturers.

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Feeding A Faster Service Motive Hosting are pleased to announce the successful completion of a second new high speed internet feed from 'Your Communications'.
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