Microsoft software available for monthly rental.
Reap the benefits of advanced email and internet while someone else deals with setup and technical support. Even better, you pay by the month and only for what you use.
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Email Accounts

All our hosting services include email hosting if required. In addition, we can provide administrator access to our customers' own email domains so that their e-mail address deletions, additions, modifications, etc. can be managed by them.

The Benefits:

  • Continuous access to your email from your desktop PC, web browser or mobile device.
  • Centralised data storage for easy access
  • Email, calendar and contacts are continually updated, so you'll always have the latest information to hand. Contacts are stored centrally and always available, changes to your calendar can be sent immediately to your computer or mobile device.
  • Virus & spam protection available.

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Feeding A Faster Service Motive Hosting are pleased to announce the successful completion of a second new high speed internet feed from 'Your Communications'.
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