Extranet Hosting

Microsoft software available for monthly rental.
Reap the benefits of advanced email and internet while someone else deals with setup and technical support. Even better, you pay by the month and only for what you use.
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Extranet/Co-location Hosting

Motive Hosting provide space in their racks to allow customers to situate their Internet-facing servers with us. This can prove ideal for those customers wishing to maintain a high availability Internet presence without having to rely on low reliability connections such as ADSL. Examples include web servers, mail servers and database servers.

By placing your equipment in a Motive Hosting data centre you will eliminate the need for expensive leased line circuits and associated networking equipment and therefore improve the performance, reliability and cost of the services you deliver.

With Motive Hosting's co-location service, you are assured the best connectivity available with environmental control and uninterruptible power supply systems to ensure maximum availability for your services, supported by a network support team who monitor systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additionally, Motive Hosting can provide backup services to further guard your systems against data loss or corruption, as well as pre-arranged 24-hour access if required.

Start price based on 1u rack space with 64Kb/S permanent bandwidth, bursting to 8Mb/S

Motive Hosting only use Compaq and Sun servers offering the optimum in reliability and redundancy from the worlds major server manufacturers.

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Feeding A Faster Service Motive Hosting are pleased to announce the successful completion of a second new high speed internet feed from 'Your Communications'.
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