Microsoft software available for monthly rental.
Reap the benefits of advanced email and internet while someone else deals with setup and technical support. Even better, you pay by the month and only for what you use.
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Monthly rental of Microsoft software

Big-company functionality without big-company costs.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange works the same way as if the server was in your office, but since our business is about running these services we deal with all the administrative hassles like virus protection, spam filtering, backups, upgrades and patches, hardware maintenance and so on which means you don't have to.

In effect, you are outsourcing the technical work to experts allowing you to focus on your core business.

Additional uses that you may not have though of:

  • Set up accounts for meeting rooms - each room then has its own calendar and you can check availability. No more double booking!
  • If you use Microsoft Outlook 2003 to access hosted Exchange Server it will cache a copy of your diary, email archives etc locally, so you have a copy available even if you are not online.
  • Exchange Server works well with Microsoft-powered PocketPCs and Smartphones but it is also compatible with Blackberry devices.
  • If the worst happens and your office systems fail, you can still access your business information from anywhere with an internet connection.
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